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Corner Stone Deliverance Church

Pastor Asia Roberts

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God Did It


There are many crying out today in despair

You are asking that God do it for you

Beloved may the word of God in this song

That has dropped from eternity into time

May it shift the weight of your day

Yes, there is a Word from the Lord

For as by one man’s disobedience many where made sinners

So by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous

So Let Your Faith launch out and grab hold

Let it grab hold of the Kingdom provision and blessings of the Lord today

For I heard the Living Word Say

That in Jesus Christ

All Spiritual Blessings Are Already Yours

So, Yes, God Did It


Those of you whose body has been afflicted with infirmity and you can’t get well

Know that by His stripes you where healed

Those that have been robbed of your peace

Know with Faith believing the chastisement by which your peace is effected and secured is laid upon Jesus Christ

So Arise from the depression and prostration (abasement) in which circumstances have kept you 

Arise out of sin – and receive the righteousness of Christ

Arise out of lack – and receive abundant Life

Arise out of spiritual poverty – and receive God’s riches and glory in Christ Jesus

Arise out of defeat – and receive victory

Arise out of demonic oppression, depression, and possession – and receive Liberty

Arise out of fear – and receive courage

Arise your affliction – and receive healing

Arise to the knowledge of God

Arise to the reverence, respect and honor of the Lord

Rise to a new life


Be Radiant

With the Glory of the Lord

For Your Light Has Come

And the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you

Kingdom sons and daughters arise shine

And reflect God’s Glory

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