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An Account Of The Life Of Apostle Paul - Paper Back


n the midst of a world struggling to find a sense of balance between political unrest, racial injustice an financial uncertainties the only constant has been the Word of God. But to take advantage of this Word one must have an understanding of its source and direction. Apostle Asia Hurd has taken the time to give you a tiny glimpse into those things that we can not only read but spiritually experience as we apply the subjects and lessons to our lives.


An account of the life of the Apostle Paul who endured trials and struggles that many of us will never imagine must less experience. But through Apostle Asia Hurd's pen we get to understand how the hand of God can allow us to continue in our mission despite enormous incentives to give in or give way to fears, prejudices, roadblocks, physical impairments and many of the other things that come to hinder us in our task to spread the Gospel to a world that is lost with no real desire to be found.

Pastor Stanley Williams,

Grace Temple COGIC

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