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The Structure Of The Church - Paper Back


This book release is a gift to me from God. A gift to the Kingdom

of God citizens. God graced me so that this inspired writing was

completed in a night watch. It is good to be in the Spirit, for God will do

in a moment of time what man could not do in a life time. I give Him all

the glory and honor for considering me as a steward of such

preciousness. Many of us are seeking after the things below, but tell me,

who, is at Christ feet, seeking those things above. For all spiritual

blessings is already ours. This was a gift of release, of right posturing

and positioning, of liberty and restore. One that positions the Church

where she has been seated by the Spirit. That we may go forth as

ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Proclaiming the gospel to the world the

cosmos the spirit world, walking in dominion and authority. Calling all

Kingdoms in all the worlds and its’ systems into divine alignment with

the Kingdom of God. The release of this inspired writing, The Structure

of the Church a weighty word that will shift you into purpose. For there

is a time for every purpose up under the sun. Satan wants to manipulate


time that you miss or abort your purpose. Arise Kingdom Sons and

Daughters Arise to your rightful position, a position of authority and

dominion. This can only be if we choose not to be ignorant and learn of

God and the culture, principles, precepts and systems of the Kingdom of

God. For one cannot proclaim or live what they do not know. For the

Word says, if one lack wisdom, ask for it and in all thy getting get an

understanding. For wisdom is the principle thing. May this bless you as

much as it blessed me when I receive it. May it also cultivate you as it

cultivated me when I received it.

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