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Reply cornerstonedeliverancechurch
9:01 AM on October 26, 2016 
Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people
Luke 2:10

It is true that these good tidings of great joy were to be for all people, but not first. The message falls on our own ears, and is first for our own souls.
Oh, ponder this well! Take all God's truths home first to thine own heart. Ask in earnest prayer that the Spirit may write them with the pen of Heaven on thine own conscience. Then wilt thou be a vessel fitted for the Masters use, and carry His message with spiritual power to the souls of others.
Reply cornerstonedeliverancechurch
7:53 AM on March 2, 2016 
When a woman creates a Christian atmosphere in her home for her family it is like preparing the soil for seeds to grow and assist in the work of the gardener to mature the seeds into fruit producing plants or trees. The reach goes far beyond the lines within such a family. Such is Christianity in motion when devoted to the One who inspired it first, Jesus Christ.
By Sister Bernice Mayes
Reply cornerstonedeliverancechurch
7:51 AM on March 2, 2016 
On the southern border of the empire of Cyrus, there lived a great chieftain named Cagular who tore to shreds & completely defeated the various detachments of Cyrus‚?? army sent to subdue him.

Finally the emperor, amassing his whole army, marched down, surrounded & overwhelmed Cagular's forces, captured him & his wife, & brought them to the capital for execution.

On the scheduled day for their execution, he & his wife were brought to the judgment chamber - Cagular, a fine looking man of more than 6 feet, with a noble manner about him - a magnificent specimen of a man.

So impressed was Cyrus with his appearance, that he said to Cagular: "What would you do should I spare your life?"

"Your Majesty, if you spared my life, I would return to my home & remain your obedient servant as long as I lived."

"What would you do if I spared the life of your wife?"

"Your Majesty, if you spared the life of my wife, I would die for you."

So moved was the emperor by Cagular's words & attitude that he freed them both & returned Cagular to his homeland to serve as its governor.

Upon arriving home, Cagular reminisced about the trip with his wife. "Did you notice the marble at the entrance of the palace? Did you see the tapestry on the walls as we went down the corridor into the throne room? And did you see the throne on which the emperor sat? It must have been carved from one lump of pure gold."

His wife replied: "I really don‚??t remember any of that."

"Well," said Cagular in amazement, "What do you remember?"

His wife looked at him & said, "I remember only the face of the man who said he would die for me.

If only we would Revere Him who died for us in this way. Jesus Christ not only said I will go send me. He fulfilled the assignment of the Passover Lamb. Shed His blood at Calvary for the remissions of the sins of the world and all we have to do to receive the verdict of no charge is to have faith in his death burial and resurrection. The finished work at the cross.

If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and that He resurrected you shall be saved
A friend that died for a friend
Reply cornerstonedeliverancechurch
7:50 AM on March 2, 2016 
March is National Woman's Month. Reflect on one of the Woman in the bible and her attributes and contributions to the advancement of the Kingdom of God and her work in the ministry. Then reflect on your own contribution. Have you done anything in participation or contribution to God's eternal plan for man? If you have is it enough? Can you do more? What can we do to esteem the next generation of woman to be faithful in God's eternal life cause?